What is Lab-Grown diamond?

Lab grown diamonds are hi-tech luxury goods. A fusion of art and technology, the process is exacting and expensive.

A lab grown diamond is grown in a laboratory setting that emulates the natural process of a diamond’s growth. It is as real as diamonds mined from the earth. Lab grown diamonds are identical to earth mined diamonds in every way, except that they are grown in a lab.Lab created diamonds offer considerable value. This can mean up to a 50% larger diamond for your spend.

Do they look the same as mined diamonds?

Yes. They have the same physical and chemical properties as mined diamonds, so they look exactly the same NO ONE CAN TELL THE DIFFERENCE WITH THE NAKED EYE. They can only be told apart from their mined counterparts by using special laboratory equipment.

Does Lab grown diamond comes with certificate?

of course, all our lab grown diamonds are IGI certified. 

Are lab grown diamonds ethical and sustainable?

Lab grown diamonds are sustainable, or environmentally ethical, because they have not been extracted from the ground.

Therefore, their production protects the environment instead of threatening it, and guards our natural resources for future generations.

Additionally, lab grown diamonds will always be free of conflict because they do not come from mines. This means that they are also socially ethical.

  • Mining Free

    Moissanite is lab created with minimal environmental impact.

  • Durability

    Moissanite gemstones are a 9.25 on the Mohs Scale of hardness, so they are suitable for everyday wear

  • Birlliance

    Moissanite is truly the worlds most brilliant gems.

Moissanite is one of the most beautiful gemstones in the world. It is a super hard gemstone which means it won't get all scratchy or dull. It will last you a lifetime just like a diamond would. Moissanite is just as atomically stable as a diamond, meaning that it will not change color or lose its optical properties over time.

where does moissanite come from?

Moissanite was first discovered in a meteor crater in 1893 by a scientist named Henri Moissan. Today, naturally-occurring moissanite is incredibly rare. That's why almost all moissanite used in jewelry has been lab created.

Moissanite is a lab-grown gemstone that is known for its exceptional brilliance, fire, and clarity. It is a more affordable alternative to diamonds. The superior sparkle and shine of moissanite make it an excellent alternative to diamonds, especially for those who are looking for a more environmentally-friendly option.

Notably, Moissanite is ethically sourced and environmentally friendly, making it a socially conscious choice for those who prioritize sustainability.