Collection: 18K gold Lab Grown Diamond Engagement ring

GET BIGGER CARATS WITH SMALLER BUDGET.  Lab grown diamonds have the same chemical & physical properties and are identical with the exact same fire and brilliance as a minded diamond. Graded and certified by the IGI, buy with complete confidence. 

Pear cut Lab Grown diamond

This 2.7ct center stone with 2 side stones sure knows how to deliver the wow factor. This is the engagement ring of choice for those who desire tradition and elegance but want to add a slightly unexpected, brilliant element as well.

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Lab Grown Diamond Oval  pavé

The pavé ring setting features tiny diamonds set closely together along the band of a ring. This setting style is a favorite among those who appreciate intricate detailing.

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Eternity band

An endless strand of gleaming diamonds makes for a classic design that can stand stunningly alone or be paired with your engagement ring.

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